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To the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory

To the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory


The Bashkir Choreographic College named after Rudolf Nureyev
announces the admission of citizens in 2016
for study for an integrated educational program in the field of Arts with a degree
in middle vocational training 52.02.01 "The Art of Ballet"

The College accepts citizens who have completed fourth grade of general educational institution and have primary general education.

The form of education - full-time;

The level of education: advanced study;

The normative duration of study: 7 years and 10 months;

Education is carried out in Russian language;

Upon completion of this program graduates receive a secondary vocational education diploma;

Specialization 52.02.01 "The Ballet dancer, teacher";

Admission quotas: 24;

The list of diseases, malconditions, peculiarities of physical growth, that may prevent the choreographic college admission process.

Entrance examinations:

First audition - Examination of physical (professional)abilities of candidates for admission:

The Form of Examination - The Examinations Commission examines candidates' physical (professional)abilities.

  • Proportions of the body;
  • Arch of the foot;
  • "Tuck" forward;
  • Turnout;
  • Flexibility;
  • The ballet Step (stretch out);
  • Jump height.

Second audition - Assessment of health state:

The Form of Examination - candidates' physical examination by the medical commission:

  • weight;
  • constitutional peculiarity (body habitus);
  • feet;
  • spine (spinal column);
  • eyesight;
  • hearing (sense of hearing);
  • All applicants must have the documents (certificates) on the condition of the internal organs.

Third audition - Assessment of creative talent:

The Form of Examination - creative tasks that allow to define applicants' musical - rhythmic and coordination abilities;

  • Applicants will be shown a short dance segment that will define their musicality, emotional expressiveness, plasticity, the ability of dance improvisation;
  • Applicants should be able to repeat dance teacher's movements to show the sense rhythm and coordination;
  • Dance improvisation on a given musical theme;
  • The final examination and assessment of looks and physical professional abilities.

Fourth audition - Examinations in general subjects:

The Form of Examination - Russian language and Mathematics Tests;

Entrance examinations are graded on a 5-point scale ( 5 - Excellent, 4 - Good, 3 - Satisfactory, 2 - Bad);

Applicants may be allowed to attend the next audition, if only they successfully sailed through the previous audition.

Applicants need to have the following documents for admission to the College:

  • original ones or a copy of documents proving identity, nationality;
  • original one or a copy of a nationally recognized education document;
  • a copy of the legal representative's identity document;
  • the grade report sheet over the past academic year;
  • applicant characteristics from the previous educational institution;
  • The documents proving participation in the competitions in the field of Arts;
  • certificate of family composition;
  • medical card (form № 026 / y);
  • patient's card (form № 112 / y);
  • medical certificate (№ 086), attachments: orthopaedist, cardiologist (ECG -electrocardiogram, ECHO - echocardiography);
  • vaccination certificate (form 156 / y);
  • prophylactic vaccination record (form № 063 / y);
  • policy of obligatory medical insurance;
  • personal tax reference number;
  • 3 black-and-white photos / 3x4 /;
  • 2 color photos / 5x6 /.

College Address: 450076, Ufa, St. Sverdlova, 38, Phone: 251-19-87

E-mail: bhu2006@yndex.ru