Wednesday, 18 September 2019

The Year of Literature in Russia

Literature is the cradle of culture, wisdom and experience!


To the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory

To the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory


For the realization of basic professional programs and organizational learning process, college has eight ballet halls with a total area 974,5m2 , equipped with mirrors, air conditioning systems, pianos and audio reproducing apparatus. The college has its own school theater, which has 100 seats, its scene corresponds to the opera and ballet theatre scene area 310,25m2.

General studies, humanities and general professional disciplines are held in classrooms:

  • literature and Russian language (portraits of writers, illustrations of works of art, handouts, dictionaries);
  • mathematics, physics (with a set of tables, models of geometric solids, devices for experiments demonstration );
  • biology (various visual aids - Internal Organs models, moulages, animal collections, tables, schemes, drawings, a human skeleton model, human skulls and head models, microscopes, slide mounts, videos)
  • geography (maps, atlases, collections of minerals);
  • foreign languages (tape recorders, tables, schemes, visual aids, teaching aids);
  • musical literature (composer portraits, video-audio reproducing equipment, a set of audio recordings)
  • chemistry (various instruments, models, chemical reagents, equipment for experiments demonstration );
  • audio-visual room (it has more than 200 videos of classical  heritage of ballet, modern choreography, records of ballet music and another music);
  • acting class (it has all necessary requisites for the class).

The college has a room of hardware and computer literacy. The room is equipped with 10 computers. There is the Internet access. There are also 2 video cameras, 1 digital camera, 1 multi projector, 11 tape recorders, 3 xeroxes, 1 fax, 12 TVs, 1 music center.

The college has 7 classrooms for private piano lessons. For individual piano lessons, music classrooms have 10 pianos and 6 grand pianos.

All classrooms are equipped with visual aids, a minimum of technical means and meet the sanitary - hygienic standards and aesthetic requirements of modern design. The daily availability of 15 computers, 3 copiers, 4 printers , 5 telephones, 1 fax - provides active learning process.

There is a library, which is located in the academic building, with a total area of 45.6 sq.m. Students may also choose to live in the college dormitory. The college dormitory has its own canteen with 200 seats, 54 living rooms (3 persons per room), two bedrooms for 12 people are designed for students who live in Ufa - the total capacity - 180 beds. The dormitory has a medical office, equipped with the necessary medical, prophylactic and therapeutic equipment and medicines. There are also common rooms, a lobby, laundries.

Policy on Access to information systems and information - telecommunications networks.

The BCC named after Rudolf Nureyev provides access to the Internet. It's possinle to work with information that is not harmful to mental and physical health of students. Students may have access to information systems and information - telecommunication networks during the computer science lessons, extracurricular activities. Students may also have access to the Internet during the breaks and after school. The access to the Internet is provided in the computer science office and is only allowed when students are supervised by an accompanying teacher.